Who can participate?

FinTandem is open to everyone who is interested in learning a language, from about the age of 16. There is no upper age limit.

In order for the co-operation to work, the participants need to have a basic knowledge of the tandem language so that they are able to communicate. Even if a participant has a good knowledge of the tandem language, he or she can still benefit from taking part in FinTandem. For example, new vocabulary related to specific topics can be learnt or existing language skills will be maintained. The partners in a FinTandem pair do not have to be on the same lingustic level regarding their tandem languages. Each one knows his or her own mother tongue better than the partner who is learning it, and is hence able to help the learner.

Those who take part in FinTandem do not have to be especially extroverted people, but they do have to be willing to co-operate with their partner and take into consideration each other’s different goals, ambitions and working methods.