- Language learning through communication with a native speaker -

School year 2023-2024

Interested in learning languages through the FinTandem method?
We have gathered information for both language students and educational institutions.
Our aim is to give a comprehensive view of tandem as a method and the FinTandem course model.

"It was a great experience!
I learned a lot and was able to get to be friends with a Finn with whom I have a lot in common.
The best thing I’ve done in Finland this year!"
"I think I learned how to force myself to talk Finnish even when English is so much easier."
"It’s a really good program if you’re really motivated.
I think it can be really effective, although students have to have realistic goals to avoid being impatient with their progress." 

You can sign up for the FinTandem course during the whole school year from August until May.
The course fee of 25 € is to be paid when you have received a partner. 

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Gatherings at Alma (Kirkkopuistikko 15) 2023-2024 at 5–6.30 p.m.

 Autumn 2023

  • Sept 21 (What is FinTandem?)

  • Nov 9 (Tips about activities)

Language teacher
Marika Boström  
Vaasan kansalaisopisto Alma - Vasa medborgarinsitut Alma


Gatherings 2023-2024 at 5–6.30 p.m.

Spring 2024

  • Jan 11 (Exchange of experiences)
  • March 14 (Board games evening)

  • May 16 (picnic)

Language teacher 
Marika Boström 
Vaasan kansalaisopisto Alma - Vasa medborgarinstitut Alma